Odd kind of food


Another “hey look, food!!” post :3

Today its something I ate awhile ago… its from the one play I said had very different foods. They have lamb burger on the menu regularly!! It looked yummy too >.> But this was from a place called Haven _____. I don’t remember the rest of it >.> This one was the regular burger they served which had some sort of pink vegetable in there which was.. honestly, pretty good. The fries were also good cause they wern’t just clear cut salted fries. One thing was weird: they had no regular condiments. No ketchup. No Ranch. They served their own sauces which was a hit or miss but.. more miss than anything xD I didn’t really like it… too sweet or too garlicy.

Anyways. Today… ugh. I have no words to describe it. Hectic yet relaxing. Weird right? It just… wasn’t the greatest day. But there is one thing I realized and has come to my attention…. my jeans look horrible. Like, they apparently are starting to look like sweat pants?! That just shouldn’t happen -.- How the heck did my skinny jeans become looser and lighter shade anyways >.> Now im reduced down to 2 pairs of good jeans… argh! Time to go buy more skirts! Yes. THat’s right. I don’t need you jeans! >.> Shorts and skirts all the way (now I KNOW Gee is just gonna call me slutty …. compared to alot of girls, I’m a nun!)

PS. Happy May 1st~!



One thought on “Odd kind of food

  1. if he says you are slutty than he has no clue O_O compered to the most girls you are like a little flower in that direction and not sluttyO_O(i know some girls that look like they could go into selling their body for money buisness… they really look that way no joke i dont know how they can dress that wayO_O) sorry if the description with the flower sound stupid i have not that much english to use…(it just is suposed to say that you do not look slutty in skirts.You look just like a girl wearing them)

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