Twinkle in the sky~

The music video for SNSD’s subgroup TTS~ First song is Twinkle!! It’s … really catchy. I think it’s also catchy because I’ve heard the teaser over and over again >.> It’s what happens when they put the same music behind 3 different teasers -.- Anyways, enjoy the music video~ I really like how it’s done o.o Like… I really like Korean music videos ALOT more than American ones >.>;;

Kind of reminds me of something retro… oh and they wear VERY interesting things in the video >.> I <3 looking at the clothes~ aha~ I also failed to mention that the makanae of the group is my favorite~ SHe’s basically the one with the darkest hair~ SHe’s not Sica but… in this trio? She’s the best =3

Ah today? School. I ended up playing Dragon’s Nest at SCHOOL. How horrible is that xD okay, not that horrible. I was good today! I went to all my classes, I’m even caught up in all of them~ And I also went to the gym =3 (died at the gym, but went to it nonetheless) Did I mention I also woke up early too? Amazing huh?



2 thoughts on “Twinkle in the sky~

    • awwww…. its a fun game xD I hope they make an international version or one just for Germany then :3 but even if they did… I wouldn’t be able to help you if you did play T.T

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