It’s a fly…?


What is it.. a Bee? a Fly…. A wasp?!?

Well thanks to Gee’s nerdiness (wo -.-)he deducted it was a fly.. and thank goodness!! Why? Beacause this little bugger crawled up my legs and was in my jeans -.- I thought it was just like one of my long hairs (yea… they tend to feel like bugs on me and I think I’ve gotten used to it oddly enough) so when I patted this bug out it scared the crap out of me -.-

What was the bug thinking crawling up my foot like that anyways?! I was wearing skinny jeans so not like it would’ve crawled far up anyways -.- Omgsh think if I was wearing a skirt… that’s a violating thought right there.

This is why I do not like bugs. They have no boundaries on personal bubble space >.>

Anyways. PRoductive day =3 Hopefully I have a legit picture of my products this week!! <3 I also did some sketching and cleaning o.o Man.. when Gee is gone on a trip all day, my productivity goes up!! (That or goes completely down… but I’m so busy it has to go up -.-)



One thought on “It’s a fly…?

  1. I hate it too when they run all over your body even you dont want them to….. once a bee wanted to fly in my mouth while i was talking it was stuck between my lips… i dont know what it wanted in there-.- but bugs in general are cool as long as they dont hit your personal bubble space….and you can be happy that you didnt wear a skirt i dont want to think about where he or she or it could have crawledO_O and thankfully it was a fly and not a wasp or bee

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