Snsd’s Black Swan

I’m not sure if I’ve posted about this yet but… oh well. I’ll post again because Gee brought it up the other day and I just really like how they did it xD It’s just SNSD’s intro to run devil run back in 2011~ Jessica <3 ….eh what the hey, Yuri <3

I really like just listening to the background music to it too, it’s kinda cool~ Makes me want to do a little video myself…. but that is not my field of work (I tried, it’s tough!!)

Anyways today was spent making ears slowly and watching lots of Merlin~ I started season 4~ Then I also started a new game called Dragon Nest which can be found online through NExon~ It’s quite addicted actually… but you NEED a mouse for the game. Gee tried playing it with just his touchpad on his laptop and it failed so horribly xDDD Fun to watch though lol!!

Alright. Have a lot of cutting and mass producing to do tomorrow… I basically have a month left to prepare and I have NOTHING. I’m freaking out. We’re freaking out. Peace -.-



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