don’t expect love

*Picture does not belong to me~ It’s cute though no?!

It’d really funny how people jump boyfriends or crushes. I’ve seen the trend too!

(sorry this is gonna be one of THOSE posts. Be warned: Lots of complaining xP)

I know its hard to find love when youre looking for it. Why do I say that? Cause usually when you are looking, it won’t come so easily. Kind of like when playing Pokemon you walk through the tall grass looking for Pokemon to fight and they rarely show. Yet when you are trying to get to the next town, they appear so much =.=Honestly… they probably appear just at the normal rate but time perception just throws it off -.- Point is: I’m getting a tad bit annoyed at someone who hates his life and girls but expects for some girl to magically throw herself at him =.= it’s… so frustrating. Maybe guys have it different.. maybe.

Then let’s see… now there is my group project which…I think I got them to just shut up =3 Not what I wanted but hey, maybe I just left them speechless ~ I’ve just been on the edge for the past few days. I’ve eaten alot of chocolate and junk food to counter it too >.> But I think it’s over, I don’t want any sugar and I could care less about my grades =3 (btw, just flunked the econ test I took today, bright side? It doesnt even count LOL!)

Sorry for no post yesterday. I was studying and I came home super late >.<



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