Loving fantasy ~

So I’ve been insanely addicted to this TV series~ MERLIN <3
If you are into fantasy… adventure, some romance,  lots of magic, go watch it~
Normally I would go for the evil girls but… I dunno… she’s just a little too twisted for my taste. Gasp right?

BTW~ My  “t” and “y” keys don’t work anymore because I spilled water on my laptop last night… don’t ask. I’m not even sure >.>;; therefore… this will be cut short… >.<;;

Hey wanna see what this post looked like when I first wrote it?

So I’ve been insanel addiced o his V series~ MERLIN <3
Normall I would go for he evil girls bu… I dunno… she’s jus a lile oo wised for m asae. Gasp righ?

BW~ M  and kes don’ work anmore because I spilled waer on m lapop las nigh… dn’ ask. I’m no even sure >.>;; herefore… his will be cu shor… >.<;;



2 thoughts on “Loving fantasy ~

  1. the text sounded really weird until i read that you spilled water on your laptop and than i understood it better than before (its hard to understand a english text with missing letters if your main langue isnt english…and you dont even know if the letters are missing or if this is how it is written)

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