Tailoring old


Occasionally I’ll find an old item in my closet my mother or a relative bought me a long time ago that was too big. and still now… it’s still too big. I’ve been meaning to tailor this black skirt (it’s originally a Large) since High School but never knew how. So this morning I did a really rush job on it so I could have it for my group presentation today =3 The presentation itself went pretty good and I’m glad I didnt sound TOO nervous… for only a few hours of preparation. Point is: I altered it finally! I have to re-do it thought because it was so rushed it looked.. kind of ugly really… >.>

Odd thing about this skirt is that it’s asymmetrical versus what is in style now which would be the hi-low type of skirts. That and short skirts with a layer of transparent lace or fabric to imitate a longer skirt? Weird huh. xP Just not my style.. or well… I haven’t found on that fits my style yet >.<

It was horrible today. we were SOO stressed out about this project. So afterwards I ended up wanting to buy food food food! I got yogurt, ice cream, Pho~. pickles..? Yea… kind of odd I know. At least I didn’t have those all at once lol!! Oh, and some cake. LOL~

Kay. Tomorrow is just another school day and an errand day =3 WO~



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