After a Storm


The clouds after a storm…

I took this picture after a big thunderstorm that happened over school. It was seriously crazy, I talked about it a few days ago. The picture would’ve turn out better but… I parked in a weird spot and the best picture was in a awkward place to just park and take >.> But! regardless, I love it when the sky is like this <3

Today was kind of like this. I had such a busy day yesterday that I feel straight to sleep when I hit my bed. I woke up early to go to church and get donuts with the family~ I don’t like donuts in the morning >.> Too sugary. I’m not a breakfast person unless it’s eating before 8am. Odd right~? 630am is a perfect time for some lightly toasted bread with butter with one egg sunny side down (cause the sun is usually down at that time xP) on top! Anyways…

today I spend doing homework. I’m pretty… good on it actually. I planned 4 hours straight of studying and I got it done =3 I’m happy~ I’m so ready for this test tomorrow. The presentation on the other hand? ..errr…. let’s see how much I can wing it T.T



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