2 cakes~


Happy Birthday party to … me? and my cousin~ =3

Today I finally was able to celebrate my birthday with close friends, old friends, and new friends~ Interesting huh~? It went.. pretty good in my eyes from the host point of view. We ran out of food T.T Dang brother >.>

At first it hit 1pm and NO ONE was at my house >.> My family thought everyone bailed.. it was so sad >.< But by 2 decent amount of people came and I was happy~ We ate. We played Sour Apples to Apples. We danced. We laughed. we ate more? Then we played Munchkins! I got a few people wanting to really play it again~ I’m glad =3

Gotta thank everyone for the gifts too =3 There wasn’t much but I love all of them ^^ I always feel bad for gifts…. I don’t… really need any? But I like them regardless =3

I hope this party was at least as memorable as my last one I had years ago… maybe I’ll host a Christmas party… Eh whatever. I finally feel older now =3 Ah… I love my friends~ As different and weird as they all are :3



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