MN Cover

I’ve grown to really like Megan Nicole as a singer. She’s quirky and has a nice voice… and I haven’t gotten sick of her o.o Crazy right? Like Megan Lee and Sam Tsui I’ve gotten kind of sick of listening to but… not Megan Nicole. I want to say either ‘megan’ and ‘nicole’ but then I realize… the describes ALOT of girls cause they are first names =.=

Ah point is… I haven’t really heard the song a lot but this version of her cover made me addicted to it xD It’s nice~

Anyways today? Ugh. Class. Class.

……. and I’ve had the WORSE luck with shopping lately. I find a few dresses I’ve really wanted but they are never in my size!!! T.T So sad… SO SAD! On a good note: Gee picked out a cool coat with a cape thing, it was so.. so.. Asian. so very… Yuri of SNSD… xDD If that makes any sense… lol

I’ve SO busy lately. Gonna not go to school tomorrow just to clean the house, run some errands, and hopefully do a bulk of my homework… >.>




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