‘what i wear’


Such bright colors~ It’s my coral/orange dress! And my lovely bow heels with my normal black blazer <3 I wore this to Easter church… it’s comfy =3 I also wear this to school minus you know.. the tall heels and switch the jacket out for a cardigan >.> Sometimes. xD

I really want to take pictures of what I wear more often so I might and just block out my face. Why? Because I don’t like what my face looks like when I take the pictures of myself. I never do >.> But if someone else takes it, that’s a different story xDD I’ll see if I can take pictures more often.. who knows. Maybe this will slowly merge into a ‘what I wear’ blog lol!!

Ever had one of those days where it’s really BLEH? Yea… this morning someone tried ramming their car into mine. I yawned like crazy during class. annnd… I studied crazily until it hit 6pm. so what… noon to 6 basically? Yea… >.> Not fun at all!! T.T Tonight is just a continuation of studying and then I have a paper to rewrite, research to do, and a chapter to outline sometime before 4 tomorrow >.> rawr T.T

Did I mention I ordered the wrong thing at starbucks? T.T



3 thoughts on “‘what i wear’

  1. i dont know if it is allready the 10th in the US so i say it for luck with the time^^ Happy Birthday Kimiko Make a big party and get many presents:D

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