no tech here


So I haven’t really documented what has happened to me in the past few days regarding this topic: cars.

Above you see a picture. It’s not my car. xD It’s not! It’s the inside of a Yaris that was rented to me~ It was because my car was in the shop for a broken GPS that has been broken for quite some time. I finally got around to bothering the dealership to fix it for me >.> So now it looks REALLY nice and I feel sort of bad  for having so many problems with them >.< But they really came through for me in the end~ I would show you a picture of it now but… I haven’t gotten around to taking one xD But this one they said is reliable and really nice =3 I love toyota for this <3 I was seriously going to ban anyone else I know from buying one but… this made me change my mind. Oh… it was all free :] That’s why~ Gotta thank Gee for kicking my butt and making me bother them >.>

So I woke up early to do the car things and it has been consuming my mind for awhile but I saw no need to blog it until I saw how everything turned out~

The Yaris btw…. annoyed me SO much. Nice and smooth ride, cute and small BUT is so technologically ..lacking. I like my auto seats, auto lock, auto-ANYTHING. So it really irked me out that I had to crank the thing to make the side mirrors move -.-

Other than that.. today I’m SO brain dead. Just… so much work and.. ugh. It’s on overload. So even with Gee and after food… we were just so mentally tired. >.< And I come home to the kiddos breaking a glass bowl because the boy was lazy and never properly put it away. Was this really how I might have been as a kid?! It’s so frustrating =.=

Happy Good Friday~ No meat day = Sushi day for me =3


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