Once again the trio attacks xDDD We went to a little cafe I’ve been wanting to go to for awhile now.  We were planning to get food.. you know, the soup and salad if anything. But… I dunno. We went in, it was empty. ….. and not really greeted. Well.. greeted awkwardly…. >.> So instead of food… we decided to just get teas! I got strawberry lemonade, Gee got raspberry lemonade, and Hea got… oh crap.. I forgot. =.= Something not so sweet though xD IT was crazy, me and Gee couldn’t finish ours, way too sweet.

So we scratched the idea of getting food there and went to get In n’ Out~ lol!! <3 Good stuff there~

Oh.. I ended up going shopping to look for a nice dress. I couldn’t find one so instead I bought a shirt that’s so cute~ Too bad it’s black… but it’s nice! It looks like a bow in the front which is what I love =3 hehe~

So.. sleepy. I woke up at 8ish… tomorrow I’m deciding to do the same… >.> It’s… let’s see if I can.. I have the motivation to do so too xD



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