Cute demon~


Inu x Boku SS

I finished watching this anime, Inu x Boku SS, a few days ago when the last episode came out. It’s a short series.. only 12 episodes. I really liked it which is why I’m writing about it now :3 Above is the main character Ririchiyo~ This is her ‘demon’ form which.. I’m kind of tempted to cosplay o.o You only get to see it a few times in the anime and this anime isn’t popular but… I really loved her~ It would be PERFECT if I had a Soushi to cosplay with =3 in his demon form of course~ (I hope that link continues to work..)

I do recommend this anime if you like a little bit of everything. There is some fighting, some romance, some unique loveable characters~ It’s short.. only 12 episodes! So not like it’s a huge commitment. I don’t want to spoil it but I really do like the ending~

Anyways. Today? I felt sleepy all day >.< Also my school decided to have 2 evacuation drills today -.- The first one was … real apparently? Maybe. But the second one was a drill and in the middle of my class >.< It was annoying but oddly refreshing ~ lol! I highly doubt everyone even evacuated -.-

I went shopping today too because I need to find dresses for church and my party. I’ve been really picky but I shouldn’t be… I should be trying on whatever I can =.= Maybe tomorrow… I’m up early~ I hope it turns out well >3



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