Tea time =3 everyday!


Me and Gee are seriously tea addicts. Mainly Milk Teas… consisting of particularly jasmine and thai =3 Above you can see some.. sea cream jasmine tea from a cute little tea place~ It was.. decent. I like how they don’t overfill the drink with lots of big ice cubes…

I’m on the subject of tea is the topic of the day because… well ..
1. It’s extremely delicious (when you find the right place~)
2. It’s moderately healthy…. >.>
3. I had it today on whim… again. Lol!!!

 We tend to have these boba runs randomly but.. honestly.. I love them~ People always have their favorite places to go to like the beach or some restaurants.. but its cafes that we love <3

Today… ugh. I took an exam and I studied a lot but the wording of the questions threw me off so badly. So instead of picking the choices that I first picked.. I double guessed myself and choose another one -.- It’s so annoying!! I should know better than to double guess myself -.-



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