Target acquired!


I said a few days ago that I went to a shooting range right? Yep!! Out of all my shots.. well I missed alot -.- I went with my brother and his friend.. they got a few bullseyes >.> But hey, for my first time I’m glad I got some in the black range xDD Anyways… turn your head to the.. right. Cause the left side of the picture is actually the bottom…

Oh and before you say “wow nikki, you have some weird fingers” they actually belong to Gee >.> he’s weird =.= Then he proceeded to make fun of me because I have a shot that’s not even in the circle XDDD But hey… at least I know what kind of gun I would like to shoot >.> Honestly? Most likely never doing that again. 1. its expensive. 2. It.. HURTS. the 45 has such a scary recoil that once it got jammed and I flinched just in response!! T.T Anyways… not my scene. Gee did promise that we would try some archery though =3 I’m excited for that (as if I didn’t have enough hand strength -.- this is gonna suck)

Today? I had great awkward news. FINALLY getting my car fixed. After.. ehhh… a little less than a year? Great huh. Gotta thank Gee for it cause he made me write a review on my experiences. Once it was on paper and all.. it sounded pretty bad. Then again.. he pointed out to me that it was pretty bad =.= Yea yea… so I’m waking up SUPER early for one day this week and.. well.. let’s see if I live xD



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