Freaking out.


Remember my Pichu cosplay? This is the top of it xD I forgot to post it up and I found it in my stash of pictures~

Cosplay <3 It’s something that has become such a big part of me that… I can’t even think of giving it up in any form. See… I got the idea of playing a April fools prank on my friends saying I’ll give it up but… I can’t even bring myself to say that xD I don’t think anyone would take it seriously anyways xD

I’m about to completely freak out about the Artist Alley table soon… it’s hard. It’s really hard to start something up for the first time. I don’t know how great it’ll be but.. I’m hoping it will be enough for me to keep going. I know I can’t make much money, but I just want to make enough to let me keep going to cons and meet new people! That’s all! I seriously thought about putting up a donate button on this site but… I would rather someone donated through buying my things rather than giving it out for nothing.

Spring break is over. Time to take down and own all the exams/papers that will be hitting me in the next 2 weeks. It’s harsh. I also have this huge presentation I need to do in front of a class of .. what.. 250? T.T

Did I mention one of the kiddos ran over my white dress? Yea. Like a part on the bottom. There’s a small dirt patch but it’s not noticable. Today I was just on the edge and unhappy about how I was trying to get things done but they were ALL just playing games. It’s weird… how did I get to the spot of being the adult?! =.= I guess I’m getting older. Hing.. kids.



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