Pointy Ears~


Can you tell what is it~? It’s my first prototype for these ears! I’m only putting these pictures up because… well I ended up scrapping them and doing a different design anyways~ Mmm.. basically I changed the positioning around a bit, but the overall design is the same! Figured out where it’s from yet? Here!!

It’s a Jolteon!! From pokemon? xDD Yep. This is what I’ve been doing today~ Okay.. for maybe 10 minutes. I ended up doing my Tsubasa cosplay most of the day o.o Like.. seriously. I’m almost done!! I think tomorrow I can finish the base~ But then I still have the cape and props to make >.< Hing!!



2 thoughts on “Pointy Ears~

    • Wow! I didn’t know that… that’s really interesting how they would change the names of even pokemon for different places o.o

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