miruku koohii


Went to do a quick snack run this morning. I ended up getting some rice crackers and milk coffee which you see in the above picture. Is anyone else like this? For me to work I HAVE to have snacks, a drink, and something to watch (Like Merlin!) I know Gee is like this xD It’s fun though, it keeps every part of whatever occupied and it makes me happy~ This is why I LIKE doing my cosplay work too… it’s because I make it enjoyable =3

Oh by the way, the coffee here? I only got it because it was on sale I havent tried it before… but I didn’t really like it. Drank it anyways! But I had better xD

Anyways… I ended up just working on Ears and my Tsubasa dress today. I’m really glad at how it’s all coming along. With watching Project runway and now Fashion King (drama)), sewing and designing is all that has been on my mind xD I refuse to even do any homework.. yet. I’ll get around to it. >.>


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