Poke colors~

*Picture deleted, sorry, can’t find it again!! T.T*

Don’t ask me who the artist is because I’m  a bit lazy to actually find the name… but these three artworks have been everywhere so It won’t be hard to find the person xD I absolutely LOVE the grass pokemon =33333 my Mag <3

Now that I think about it… who doesn’t know pokemon?! So universal.. I’m still a hardcore poke fan =3 It’s just… such a great idea!! Makes me want to try an experiment to make plushies or life sized drawings? How cool would that be?! gaaahh!!!

Well today was… fun too!! Had a old trip that me and Gee used to go on alot. Boba. Book store. clothes shopping. Talk time. Yogurt =3 It was… quite interesting… very interesting. Even after hearing some bad news today… after all the good that has happened it didn’t really affect me for that long. Maybe a good half hour? Now I’m back to normal munching on some cream puffs =3 It’s yummy!!!

Ahhh… such a great start to spring break, now time to relax at home and get some work done =3



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