Boba & Bread


Gee promised to take me to Half & Half when we get the chance soooo…. what better day than today~? See I always thought even though it was a cup like this… it’s the same amount as any other boba place right? >.> Noopeee… I seriously couldn’t finish it… I also think it’s because the boba place is hyped up… I’ve had better. And I know where better is! Man… didn’t think I’d get so picky with my boba… but once you find one really good one.. it’s hard to find something better. Soooo… never going here again. But it was a nice trip~


Theenn.. because we wanted some actual food… but not meat >.> we got BREADD <3 Yea… all this? minus 1… is for us xDDD I’m dissapointed in the marble taro bread T.T but the load in the top right is pretty good.. and I have yet to try the sponge cake with cream… the matcha roll is decent. =3 We really just.. went to spend a lot of money… then proceeded to go to the mall and see a lot of kids and interesting… things.

So tired >.< Gotta get ready for a long lovely day tomorrow~ Thanks for the oh so interesting day~~



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