Archive | March 22, 2012

Steampunk gowns


xD Some steampunk inspired sketches I did in a ballgown format… not really satisfied with either of them though >.< So I scratched them… aka… threw them out? lol! I haven’t sketched anything out in awhile actually… not sure why. I should go back to it. SPRING BREAK TIME!!! <3 I’m glad. I have SO much to catch up on…. plus studying and projects to do… this week… won’t be much of a break >.<

Yet today I went to SoupPlantation for the first time… I just loved how my friends kinda left me in the dark about how things worked there… it’s weird to get food.. pay.. then get food again. I think so at least >.< But oh welll… it was decent food. I liked the salad? I won’t be going there again though… I think there are a lot of better places.. but I’m glad I tried.

Watched Sherlock Holmes 2 today as well~ It was playing at school. I…. kinda got bored of the movie.. probably because something kept distracting me -.- (aka being in the middle of two) but it’s fine.. I guess I wasn’t in a movie mood anyways xD I’m debating to stay home and clean and get ready for break or… or out again and just spend money? >.> Haha bad huh? I need to get supplies for the week of crafting!!