Archive | March 21, 2012

Festive bags


It’s a birthday bag =3 I got a gift from ‘relatives’ and I thought it was cute they put it in a little bag like this =3 Makes it hard to use for anything else though xDD

Ever had one of those days where you are just happy but not? It was weird today. I was stressing out about my test (I seriously think I failed at this point T.T) and I dunno.. I got irritated at every little thing… but after my last class… I perked right up and I’m back to normal =DD

Now… I just finished watching Fashion King episode 1~ It’s a new korean drama kind of based off of all the lovely fashion designing and sewing =3 So I’m REALLY glad I’m watching it. I’m already drooling over the embroidery skills and  machines!!! Gaaahhh /envies

Time to get some well needed sleep.. I don’t function well with stress and little sleep >.< (sorry Gee~)