Stay fly.


Yesterday someone made a new friend -.- Not me btw… but this little fly just loved sitting on Gee’s hand. He was very fascinated by the fact that it was like cleaning it’s wings and itself on his hand… which was not very still btw. He was moving his hand around and the little guy wouldn’t budge xD  In the end he finished cleaning himself and decided to freak me out by flying towards me =.= Dang bugs >.>

Today was completely a lazy day >.< I have no idea why… ugh. Yea. Stayed home for once… I’m gonna try to avoid doing so anymore xD lol! But tomorrow as much as I don’t want to… I have to do a family trip. I’d rather be in a soft and comfy spot >.> But who wouldn’t be right~?

I did on one hand watch 3 episodes of Firefly >.> Oh!! Starved since I was HOME =.= I think it’s worse at home than it is at school lol!! Oh and then I spent a bit of time on homework and.. paper mache. That’s right. I started on paper mache! Prop work already >.> Hey.. that’s fine with me. I get it this weekend, then I’m throwing it to Gee for a weekend >.> It’s like child custody LOL but in this case neither of us really want it xP



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