White Pi~


Happy White Day~~~ oh.. and Happy Pi Day!! A pie would’ve been perfect for both occasions… (especially if it was chocolate~) But … we got sushi instead =3 Kind of a repeat adventure of Valentine’s Day… except that this time I ditched a class to go out and eat >.> Hopefully I didn’t miss anything important….. >.>;;

Oh.. don’t know about White Day? It’s celebrated in Japan but not.. really? Girls give guys chocolates on Valentine’s Day (feb 14) and a month later (mar 14) guys are supposedly suppose to give back chocolates to the girls…

Honestly… both days were just excuses to eat food =3

Mmm okay… so I’m a bit annoyed right now. Just little pet peeves throughout the whole day >.< Right now it’s the pile of trash hun bun dug in and left in the middle of the room. Worse part? NO ONE cleaned it up… I think they’re just waiting for me to sweep it up and what not. See, I find that annoying. Cause it’s right where my sister and brother sits and they just step over it =.= I swear… I’m no housewife but man… I sometimes feel as though I am.



2 thoughts on “White Pi~

  1. 1 question am i allowed to ask here things about the cosplay blog you have? if not sorry that i ask now. You posted ones a dress with the post name hoopful and i wanted to ask if there is any progress going on. Hope you answer and i think they think because it is mostly your bunny that you have to clean that mess but even you would have to because it is your bunny they could have done it too,because you are not the only one living in the house right?

    • I thought I responded already but I guess it didn’t go through >.<
      (And once again it deleted the rest of my comment!! =.=)

      Basically what I wrote before was that I’ll have pictures up of the hoop skirt and how fabric on it is going~ I have the pictures uploaded.. haven’t had a chance to put them in though.
      And the bunny is like a family pet~ I brought it home but everyone loves it =3 I was just ranting because I’m the only one that ever cleans this room >.<

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