Archive | March 14, 2012

White Pi~


Happy White Day~~~ oh.. and Happy Pi Day!! A pie would’ve been perfect for both occasions… (especially if it was chocolate~) But … we got sushi instead =3 Kind of a repeat adventure of Valentine’s Day… except that this time I ditched a class to go out and eat >.> Hopefully I didn’t miss anything important….. >.>;;

Oh.. don’t know about White Day? It’s celebrated in Japan but not.. really? Girls give guys chocolates on Valentine’s Day (feb 14) and a month later (mar 14) guys are supposedly suppose to give back chocolates to the girls…

Honestly… both days were just excuses to eat food =3

Mmm okay… so I’m a bit annoyed right now. Just little pet peeves throughout the whole day >.< Right now it’s the pile of trash hun bun dug in and left in the middle of the room. Worse part? NO ONE cleaned it up… I think they’re just waiting for me to sweep it up and what not. See, I find that annoying. Cause it’s right where my sister and brother sits and they just step over it =.= I swear… I’m no housewife but man… I sometimes feel as though I am.