Look Lucky!


Lucky… before he was hair-cutted. Now he’s a skinny little dog that is.. granted.. pretty fun to play with. Here in th epic he’s looking longingly at the gate door and wants to get back IN the backyard. Don’t ask… it was a complicated day. he did get back in eventually though~

Ah… today. todddaaay. >.> I did a resume really quickly and now I’m doing hw like no other. SO CONFUSING! Ever had that hw? Yea… it’s been every single problem. I absolutely hate this class now T.T Arghh.. I shouldn’t be complaining >.>

What I should be complaining at is loss chances. I almost lost a chance to submit my resume for a position I REALLY want. but I’m no where near prepared for. I hope I get the interview regardless~

Ah.. back to hw.



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