Archive | March 11, 2012

Fantastic baby~

Wow, Fantastic Baby~

You have no idea how addicted I am addicted to this song now!! At first it was kinda “eehhh.. its okay” but it really has grown on me. The music video is weird btw, but its interesting watch. T.O.P and Tae Yang are completely my favorites now =3 But I’ll live with Daesung just for that blonde hair~~~ (I’m such a sucker for blondes now T.T) At 2:46 is possibly my favorite part because yangie looks pretty awesome there. lol!! Anyways.. enough spazzing for me >.>

I actually got work done today!! The top of Sakura is cut and interfaced. Annnd… I have some of hw done >.> Other than that.. I have a huge donut craving.. like no joke. I really want.. a donut!! …. now where is a good donut place… maybe I’ll go in the morning/afternoon xDD