Archive | March 8, 2012



Thursdays we love to get a study room while at school.. it’s nice. This time.. we requested a room that wasn’t in the busy hallway.. so we got the biggest room available to get o.o Like… look!! It looked like we could judge people lol!! It was so annoying, people kept walking in while we were doing stuff, kind of annoying actually. >.>

I got the pattern of my first plushie done =3 Hopefully people will like it.. it kinda came by on accident but… I like it =3

I can’t tell what kind of mood I’m in.. kind of in a whatever xD Well.. just look at the big study room. Actually got things done. We decided on making little scripts of funny things that happens with us 3… I hope we can actually do it lol!! Well .. okay… it’s mainly Gee that will be drawing it >.> Hey. He’s just creating more work for himself …..