I got B’s =.=


I know it’s kind of blurry but… I took the picture with then intent of showing it to Gee to see if it looks good. But I guess this is one way to show him xD
Anyways, I got a new blazer thanks to mother. She loves buying me the peachy-pink color things now.. lol! I don’t complain. But this blazer is kinda… big. Even though it’s a small >.<  I’ll see if I can use my limited tailoring skills to do something…

Ah today.. TODAAAY. I thought I did great on the exams I took but I got…B’s. T.T Dang you exams!! T.T Oh well, above average WOO! Lol!!

Ahhh…. Gee. you are stressing me out about the AA table T.T I know I have to get my butt on it. I’m working!! It’s just… harder to make props for other people when I don’t know if people will want them T.T HING!



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