Pizza yum~?


Yea… I COOKED IT!! >.> Didn’t think frozen pizza could look so good huh? xPP

Okay… so I’ve been playing with Photoshop and well.. the pizza did not have this much color in it. So I tried to make a little more appetizing. I just wanted to show off the full potential of my oven cooked frozen pizza from.. err.. I forgot actually. But honestly.. I like costco pizza better >.> <.< xDD Plus.. I cooked this beast on a cookie sheet LOL~

So today I feel so.. so.. freeeeeeee! I took two of my major tests today. One which stressed me out till no end this past weekend. Another was… quite easy actually. I think I did good =3 I’m behind on my sewing work but I promise to make up for it this week~ I’ll be getting more materials this week as well as getting a few more prototypes out hopefully. EARS! =3

I promise nothing though.

I’m feeling extra productive this week (probably cause I studied my tush off all weekend). I’m sooo bussyyy!! T.T



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