Sleepeth my bunn


Hunny was sleeping and its soo cute when he lays and you are able to pet him~ Today I saw a neighbor in my yard and she was so happy because hunny was running around her probably looking for a snack xD On another pet note, my dog got a hair cut and bath! So I’ve been trying to see him more. When  I visited him around noon he was being lazy so I didn’t get to play with him >.< It was about 85 degrees? Pretty warm …

So today I was productive. Finish Stats practice test, 4 chapters of studying mangament, and finally half of my essay for my film class. Getting everything done!! I’ll have to wake up early tomorrow to finish it all though T.T Unless I take the other route of staying up late… but I learned that after a certain time I’m unable to do anything…other than games. lol! Bad habit? Yea…. >.>;;

I also did my nails today… they were so pretty.. french tipped! then I made the mistake of eating something that gets in my teeth and while trying to get it out the nail polish chipped -.- so now it looks pretty off and what not. >.< I’ll pick it off during tests tomorrow >.>



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