Archive | March 1, 2012

Hey link dances

Ahhhh!!!!! I can’t believe Gee had to show me this. He has a bad thing about showing me stuff when I get home from school… so then I get SUPER distracted and start to just watch and do stuff instead of what I meant to go home and do T.T Point is: He’s showing me awesome distracting stuff.

Above is the video about a girl that apparently can play the violin and dance incredibly at the same time. I mean.. yes of course it’s a nice recording in the back, but she actually plays it while dancing too! And that… that’s kinda crazy. I envy her… Being able to travel and have such a crew to make cool videos. Why do I have to be my own designer(give and take gee)/planner, seamstress, and model?! Not to mention I’m trying to learn to do my own makeup and hair/wig cutting =.= Multitalented or too dependent on… well.. myself. Man if I could take my own pictures, I would. LOL~ But That’s one I trust to the many photographers.

Which… Apparently a girl at school which me and Gee made friends with has a friend which cosplays and in one of her photos was a picture of me with them… =.= Fail much~? Lol!! <3

Well.. enjoy the nice Link cosplay and the Zelda meledy <3 Gee is now making me bust out my flute…. heck yes =3 lol! I love my flute =3