It’s relationships..

What stage do you want to be in?

I just… thought of this video when showering today (weird huh). So I decided to share it and what not… it makes me kind of sad because… well it happens. And not like you WANT it to, but things never work out the way it seems.

I know how gross it is to get into fights and argue… cause I’ve done it and it leaves you in the worst mood ever. Luckily, that doesn’t happen very often in the very… odd relationship I’m in. >.> I’m actually REALLY glad. So this video.. I mean it’s not saying that it is how all relationships become… but its shows insight to how it CAN become.

Anyhow… thought I would make today a video post day somehow. Did you know Big Bang got another music video out~? It’s kinda cool… kinda. Not my favorite.. don’t like their look in it. Oh well.

Oh and note to Gee: Stop putting me on hold so much =3= Gosh… for a GUY too. Horrible.



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