Well I finally updated my cosplay blog with some Pichu photoshoot pictures~ But for the sake of being different.. and because this is my more casual blog… I’ll post different shots up here =3 But you can check out the specific post here!

The picture above I really want to title “come play!” xDD We were on a cute little playground and it was really playful~ Fits with Pichu’s personality doesn’t it?


The one above was also at the playground~ I really do love some of the pictures but I wish I was more prepared. I need more experience that’s all. And to take it seriously.. I always.. kind of slack. But I know for sure I’m getting better than from before. That’s good right?

Anyhow.. today… man I did alot. I sent in resumes and requests and now I have in my hands a stack of things more to do. MORE FORMS!! T.T But I guess it’s okay.. one more week of complete rushing things and then I’ll get to have a little break where I’ll be doing some more sewing!

Yet recently I found out from a big bird that a little one has been taking my things to build a… nest. >.> Don’t know if I should crack down on that or not… hum. Oh well!! Class tomorrow, definitely not looking forward to it. T.T



3 thoughts on “Peek-a-Pichu~

  1. The pictures here and at your cosplay blog look so awsome beatiful cute and pretty and i like how the Pichu Gijinka turned out it looks really great. My favourite pictures are the one you chose as your favourite and the reflection on i kinda love pictures with water reflection^^

  2. and 1 question was i allowed to save the second picture here and the reflection one on your cosplay blog? because the picture in the train(i think it is a train^^) is sooo cute and the reflection picture is sooo beatiful(i like reflection pictures like i said above^^)

    • Thanks for all the kind words~ I’m glad they are liked ^-^
      Oh it’s not problem if you saved them~ I mean as long as your not drawing some funny faces on my and posting them back up… then it’s okay xD

      (Wow It does kind of look like a train!! I thought house window at first lol!)

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