Scenery Day~


Today was a photoshoot day! Woo! I snapped the picture above with my camera while we were moving xD Pretty ne~? Yea… I played with the curve level slightly in photoshop >.> But its pretty much the same thing anyways!

So today I went to school and we drove to the nearby National Park where driving around it was tiring o.o Think about walking!! Yea… Gee took a little less than 200 shots of me in the Pichu Gijinka in less than 2 hours. There was some staring but it wasn’t so bad actually. It was quite fun, It made me feel like being a kid lol!

So the pictures turned out pretty good. I wish we had a crew and light lights and what not xD I think it would be a fun experience to go around in a group and get different opinions, but for now it’s just me and Gee. >.>

We also worked on cosplay a bit at school as well as got a bowl and lettuce wraps?!I wish I took a picture of them.. they LOOKED good… they tasted good. But they were so hard to eat without it getting so messy T.T

I want to check over the pictures and get them up eventually… but I’m behind on processing pictures. I still haven’t uploaded my finished clannad -.- Fail right? T.T Kay that’s about it. HBD to the lovely Hea~ xP



One thought on “Scenery Day~

  1. When are we going to see the pictures of you in the Pichu Gijinka i would love to see them i love all of your cosplays and all of your stuff that you make yourself

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