Friend Zoned

I’ve been tending to a friend and his girl problems lately. He has the problem of being friend zoned too quickly apparently. Well let’s see.. what is this ‘friend-zoned’? It’s when a girl puts a guy (or vice versa, but for this sake I’ll be one sided) on her friend list and decides that the guy is only friend worthy. Okay so the definition can be tweaked a little. Main point: not dating.

Honestly… I put everyone on the friend list at first because… well who says you can’t date a person that was first your friend? It’s a great way to figure out if the person is in it for YOU or for your body/looks/brains… you get it. You know those songs and real life couples that say they are dating their best friend? A lot of people say that… really. And hey, it’s probably true! But best friend can come before boyfriend right? Of couse >.>

Back to the case. (lol the case) He believes all these girls are friend-zoning him on spot and it’s beginning to irritate me because not like it’s that bad! He meets so many people and is usually liked instantly because of his personality, so I think he’ll be fine. But loneliness can make a person do crazy stuff… I learned to spend the time of lonliness writing, sewing, and reading. Yea. Being in a book can take you to different places~ Ah.. maybe I’m just being a nerd >.>

Oh. I got called a bubble head. I’m…. not happy. To the point where I may just go to my old high school and confront this old teacher of mine. Yea. That’s right.




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