The best love song

I have no idea why but these two guys singing this song gets.. .addicting o.o Like I assumed it was just the song but… I was listening to other covers and it just became background music for me. I’ve grown to really like Jason Chen’s singing, I see him everywhere =.= Youtube music wise I believe.

It’s gotta be the best love song~? xD

Which this reminds me… I really do want to make a mash-up of break up songs… >.> Gee is in on me with this~~ Weird huh? Naw~ And we’ve seriously been talking about recording ourselves… I mean not like we’re busy enough =.= All day today I spent chilling at home making charms and testing some things out. I made… 2 soft charms and a batch of my pentapi~ They look.. funky honestly. I should have paid more attention to shape and size. Oh well, I’ll make sure to do so on my next batch.

Though I kinda feel bad for.. everyone today. I’ve been … off. So I haven’t really talked to anyone today o.o And I’ve been gluttony >.>

Oh right about the video…. <3 That’s all.



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