From China~


Got my mail from China today =3 Guess what it iss~~ Too slow xP It’s phone charm straps =3 Got a lovely batch of them which I’m really excited for because it means I can start making my lovely charms and selling them ^-^ I really need money at this point in time >.> Especially since it’ll get me one step closer to creating a line with my logo on it >:D

Today I…. worked on cosplay! GASP! right? xD
I also tried out a new food place which I’m kinda lazy to upload the picture from my phone xD It’ll be in another post most likely. I also went shopping for a new bag… I can see how trend affect… things. It’s crazy o.o How do girls keep up with it?! I don’t know how. Then I also had a fun time picture taking around my friends =3 I want to try taking more pictures often, I have been slacking since a year or so… the number of pictures in take has decreased so much. But I’m trying to make up for it!

oh… and my friends are crazy -.- Today I was like ballroom dancing with Hea just for fun…. not too shabby actually =3



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