Obligatory Food day


Oh You know any type of holiday is good with food =3

So Valentine’s day is usually a day in which the guy goes and buys flower, dinner, and probably a hotel room for a girl. Sounds right, right? But see… in Japan this is the day that is paired up with White Day next month. So today and for the rest of the Valentine’s days… I’m in charge of =3 I remember talking about it and saying “boba, sushi!!” But then I changed my mind and… >.> Yea… just couldn’t decide. But I guess on spurr of the moment we got Boba and Sushi =3 SOOO full!!

We visited out favorite sushi place and was the last to be seated T.T Ended up being the last to leave with another group xD I kinda wish I got some ice cream but… oh well~ I’ll get a tub of green tea ice cream for myself later! (I bet if I have to go through a break-up I’ll be getting like 3 tubs)

For boba he got the regular~ Green milk tea (absolute best!) and I tried something new! Lavender milk tea… which was honestly.. kind of weird o.o I still haven’t finished it and it’s been a few hours >.> I give up on it.

Scary midterm tomorrow… hing T.T Here’s a boba picture >.>
Oh and happy SAD/Valentine Day :3 And yes, I did give out chocos~ Cause I’m nice like that =3 but I couldn’t give out alot this year T.T Guys scared of Gee…. lol!




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