Fatty Ramen


Main event of the day? Ramen =3

So Today I tried to study my butt off while the kids were away. … Didn’t last very long until Kasu decided to call me up and drag me out shopping xD But it was fun~ I actually haven’t really been shopping in a while. Well.. I went to the mall Thursday but we went into like Urban Outfitters to look at the books or just to the pet store to look at the dogs xD Point is… it was interesting!

Then we had ramen which… it honestly felt like we were stood up. Because we changed the time to 530 and… I was only a few minutes late!! Anyways, I guess one girl didn’t get the time change so it made my other friends late >.< like.. 45 minutes late! But its okay, I forgive them… cause its just food xD

Then now I’m home being distracted by a dork who apparently needs to take some meds. Like chill pills. like anti hyper pills lol!!! <3



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