matcha float <3


So I’ve been talking about wanting to get this for awhile… I mean really… how many places lets you have a matcha float?!? Anyways… today was finally the day I decided to get it =3 $5.50 >.> my gosh right?! WHY SO EXPENSIVE?! (just think of that in an asian tone lol!) It’s because… well think about it. We spend that much on a Starbucks drink normally -.- Or Jamba Juice. So why doesn’t actual tea (or in this case sweetened matcha and soy milk) get the same money value?! Okay.. enough of my trying to make myself feel okay about buying this -.-

The float… was good. It’s better than the green tea frap over at STarbucks but…. It’s not as good as the green tea blended drink I had over at Mochilato’s. The ice cream added a bit to it but… eh. It was a nice touch that’s all. Hea had the Bora Bora and Gee had… Sweet Dreams? That one was interesting. Bora bora was a bit too bitter for my taste.

Then we had sushi~ LOL~ And I went to an awkward club meeting.. which if I was in a better mood.. I would have enjoyed more >.>

I.. have been all over the place lately. I just need to… have this weekend to catch up on everything and I’ll be happy.



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