Cards. Lovely things of paper/plastic to keep a group of friends entertained~ It’s also a great gambling tool! Today was lovely as… I played goldfish and BS since… a very very long time. Afterwards for however long… my cheeks actually started to hurt xD We were also playing at a boba place and.. well… I forgot other people were there so I have no idea if we got looks or not xDD >.>;;

Other than that… I saw from the anime club at school girls that decided to go in cosplay. I was… surprised. Why get on a whole cosplay to be at school? No matter how great… (I lied, if I came in with a smexy ballgown SOMEONE would talk to me) but… will a mediocre cosplay like… I dunno.. a miku or a school girl outfit… your not gonna get people to join -.- Anyhow. I walked up to their booth and.. no one talked to me… so I guess I’m not joining this year! It’s okay though. I met awesome cosplayers by just random. And honestly, they’re … awesome~? xDD Lol!! Have to talk to them more….

Kay. Gained two levels in maple and colored 2 of my designs. I have a petticoat and lovely prototypes to finish making. I’ll see if I can take a nice picture of them when I’m done ^-^



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