In my free time (basically when I’m too lazy to really go do sewing at home) I’ve been sketching designs! The three you see above are gijinka fashiony pink pokemon~ I’m in the process of coloring them!! finished lining all three last week~ I dunno why I’m sketching now.. probably because I’m working on clothes mainly instead of trying to get better at… drawing? If that makes any sense xDD

I wonder if you can guess who they are from these. The middle one I changed though so it no longer looks exactly like that xD But… with the colors in I’m really hoping it’ll be obvious… I did another design today and failed at 2 yeaterday! Fun T.T

Errr… today… one REALLY long class.. ever had one of those classes? 3 hours is long but.. man.. today felt even longer. Bad idea to keep looking at the clock … always a bad idea. Kay. Tie to go… mope.



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