bunny nap.


Lay back and sleep~ At least that is what Hun Bun would say on a day like this~ I took this picture while he was fast asleep o.o Like.. I was doing bunny ears on him and he didn’t care! (ironic huh~)

Today was lovely. It’s been nice because I haven’t fallen asleep in any of my classes =3 But there is one thing I really hate about college… smoking. Honestly… the sign says at least 20 feet away from buildings! at LEAST smoke where I can avoid it -.- I don’t like having to walk behind someone smoking and I can’t get away from it either T.T It’s not that it really smells bad… it’s that I like my lungs clean (with the occasional pollution from the air). So I don’t care if you smoke, just… not around me >.> I honestly don’t think I could have any smoker friends >.<;;

Ah well… my stomach wants to attack me.. probably because I tried feeding it odd things >.> Gross kinda things… okay so I went to Carls Jr today T.T but I tried to wash it out with green tea!!! >.> I hope it worked? xDD I’ll load up on water ….



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