Such big ears I have


A big accomplishment for today? Making my Pichu Ears :33333

Yesh. I’m extremely happy because.. well these were the third time I have tried to make them… the first two were funky… So I’m REALLY glad on how these turned out~ Only a minor flaw which I honestly could have fixed but was so fed up at that point I just left it. It’s not too bad…

I think I made them a bit big but… I liked them bigger versus a smaller version. Pichu’s ears are pretty big on it’s small body afterall~

Great thing about this version is that I was able to substitute using expensive interfacing on the inside for something cheaper and.. actually a lot better working! So I’m really glad I made it this way… still working out some kinks with all the ears I make… I want to try making them look a lot more professional (the way its attached to the headband)

That’s basically what I did today =3 I’m done with Pichu … minus the tail. I’m not sure if I want to incorporate it or… just leave it out. I’ll think of it later. Maybe a bow will work XD Yep. Classes again tomorrow. Lovely 3 days of my week lol!!



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