no wrinkles!


Looks funky huh~? It’s not done!! >.> Okay sorry for all the non-sewing people.. but maybe you’ll learn something from my writings about it anyways! This is the work in progress for my pichu cosplay! I’ll be wearing a light home- made petticoat to make it puff out a little… on top of that will be a white layer so you can’t completely see my panties xD and the final layer is yellow chiffon that is not only a circle skirt but it is a circle skirt folded a few times to give it a more flowy look! Wow that’s a mouthful to say in once sentence… anyhow… I choose chiffon because it won’t wrinkle easily if I’m sitting on it for too long! Brilliant huh~ xDD Okay… I can just see people face-palming now lol!!

I love not having school 5 days a week… I feel so … FREE already!! I’m offically done for the week~ Yes. Only 3 days~ But thursdays are planning/hang out days at school.. cause honestly… I’m at school alot for 3 days but not so much with friends hanging out off campus. Then Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for cosplays/sewing. Sundays are animes days and homework!! Sounds simple huh? well… who knows if it’ll actually turn out like that xDD

Alight… time to sleep… or SC~



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