Year of the Dragon

Dragon.. DRAGON! Not lizard. I don’t do that tongue thing *tongue thing* 

Okay I couldn’t resist =3 This is what I think of when I think dragon lol!! How can you blame me… I’m a Mulan fan <3

But now it is officially the new year~ And I’m excited because my mom put up all these lovely decorations and we now have a whole table filled with flowers and food =3 It’s really pretty, I have to remember to take a picture of it before it gets eaten or given away.

It’s sad.. I’m starting this year off with a day at school! ….. hopefully I’ll get lucky and make a new friend on the first day~ Oh… I’m also on the biggest disney run because I had to go look for this video xD It’s fun… reminds me that I really want to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D =3 Though.. I think mulan in 3D would be better~ ….hey… who wants to ballroom dance with me~~~

Down Betsy! 



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