That’s right… I took the other route instead of pikachu if you don’t remember me mentioning~ It’s the baby version of pikachu which originally my plan for the Gijinka was a kimono wa loli kinf of format but… Gee decided to merge designs I did and tweak things to come out with this!

Now… Thats a really rough sketch and what not… but I’m ‘commissioning’ him to hopefully make it look really nice and what not. See.. I had the choice of making this already made gijinka… but it was just so plain…

So people might not recognize me … its okay!! I’m making it for practice and to sit comfortably behind a table without having to worry about wrinkling anything and what not~

Oh.. did I mention today was the first day of classes? ………… honestly… I think I was just being anti-social and a bit on the edge >.> So one of my profs got me REALLY annoyed cause she reminded me of all my HS teachs all rolled up in one big bunch. Then my last prof of the day… well.. lets just say he was the topping on the cake. I seriously… went online after that class to check if I could switch to any other… AT ALL. But I’ll make my decision about it Wed… I am…honestly, probably overreacting. But who knows. Mother said: “If you don’t like him from the start then just don’t take him” and she knows I usually like all my profs. Even the hard ones. Really. even the hard ones. I like the challenge~ But this… he just irked me in the wrong way… the way he spoke and acted. Talked to us about how we’re paying for the class then treating it like it’s the workplace… boy… we are paying YOU to teach us basically -.- >.>

Okay. Don’t ranting. Other than that? …. popcorn chicken, a shocked boba place got remodeled, and the first green tea of the card!!



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