Lioonn~ DANCE?


Okay I really do wish I had a better picture but this is off my phone camera >.>;; Anyhow… Today and tomorrow my family and the church will be celebrating the Year Of the Dragon!! you know… the Chinese New Year!! Soo… Happy year of the DRAGON~~~!

In the blurry picture are two lions. Not dragons… cause I think I got scolded for calling them that.. but you know.. for the sake of it being year of the dragon… they will be dragons now!

So I spent 2 hours eating and listening to some authenticly asian live performances… which… I was texting the whole time.. they had better years >.>;;

Other than that today I got a lot of things done! pichu is like… 50% complete~ Everything is there but gotta make it look pretty! Annd… caught up in the shows i’ve been trying to watch. I realized the whole break I barely watched any anime!! T.T Should do that tomorrow.. oh not to mention figure out what my scedule for school is again LOL~



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